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Eslor has selected bloggers from the beauty, lifestyle, healthy living and mom genres to serve as brand ambassadors. Our ambassadors are passionate about Eslor and want to share with you their personal experiences! Get to know each of our ambassadors below…

Karen Yannacio Morse
Cleveland, OH

Our Spotlight This Month Shines On Karen Morse

Karen Morse:

I just can't help but smile from using the Eslor products! More || Less
I use the entire line, from cleanser to moisturizers to targeted skin care products. And targeted skin care that is natural with antioxidants and pure essential oils that gets rid of those fine lines? Its too good to be true. And it's a no-brainer. The Brightening Activator is my "must-have" skin care product. Its made SUCH a difference in the glow and texture of my skin. My life is hectic - I really don't have time to think about skincare options. Eslor makes it so simple! I always am mindful about being healthy - and I know that what you put ON your skin also goes IN your skin and IN your body. No thank you to added chemicals. I do want a youthful glow and natural products. That's why I love Eslor!

My favorite Eslor Product is: The Brightening Activator AND the Chlorophyll Lifting Mask (BOTH of these are my essentials! They brighten my complexion and give me a glow. Just can't live without them!

 Eslor Brightening Activator AND Chlorophyll Lifting Mask

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Tiffany Cruz
  Tiffany Cruz

I use all 12 of the Eslor products. More || Less
I use all 12 because I like to have a variety of products to choose from for different reasons. When my face is red or irritated I use the products from the Sensitive Collection. I use the Targeted Products daily and I choose from the Healthy Aging Collection as needed.

A little bit about me: I'm Tiffany, mom, wife, digital influencer and social media consultant. I'm a full-time family and lifestyle blogger living in Louisiana. I'm a 30-something work-at-hom mom of two young children and adoring wife. My family and online work keep me pretty busy, but I still manage to find a little time to sneak away. I enjoy me time and try to have lunch with myself at least once a week away from home. I'm addicted to Instagram, recovering Candy Crush addict, and my iPhone is never far from my side.

My favorite Eslor Product is: The Brightening Activator. After using the Brightening Activator my skin is smooth, very firm, and has a flawless glow

 Eslor Brightening Activator

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Caroline Bassac
  Caroline Bassac:

I use the Eslor Soothing Refiner & Cleanser, More || Less
the Rejuvenating Day Cream and the Active Night Cream on a daily basis and I absolutely love the way it left my skin. I love the Eslor brand because the products have made my skin looks 10 times better! I currently have no skin imperfection thanks to Eslor!

A little bit about me: I'm a beauty youtuber and blogger known under the name "beauteactive" on my blog and "carolinesafia" on youtube. I love sharing my tips about makeup, skincare, fashion and lifestyle in order to help people feel good about themselves.

My favorite Eslor Product is: The Soothing Cream.

Eslor Soothing Cream

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Ellen Ross
Harrisburg, PA USA 
  Ellen Ross

I am an avid user of the Elsor Exfoliants and Masks..all of them! More || Less
What I love about Eslor is that their products don't ever irritate my skin, and they do a grea job exfoliating without drying my skin out. That was always impossible for me before I started using Eslor.

A little bit about me: I work for the State full time and blog on the side. I love my 4 chihuahuas dearly and i enjoy anything having to do with fashion, writing, and good music!

My Favorite Eslor Product is:Chlorophyll Lifting Mask. it's just so fun to put on, like you're in a spa, and then you can do whatever you want while it dries. I love doing it once a week and I always feel so radiant for the next few days afterwards!

 Eslor Chlorophyll Lifting Mask

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